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The Glue that Holds You Together

At Blue Duck Resources, we understand the complexities of the oil and gas industry and what it takes to be successful in carrying a project through from beginning to end. We work behind the scenes, taking care of the technicalities and challenges that must be met in order for your projects to be successful. Our job allows you to you to do your job timely and efficiently. We save you time and money that would be better used elsewhere. 

Blue Duck will handle all of your needs from beginning to end. From the initial cursory lease check, through ownership reports & abstracts of title, to the coordination of the drilling title opinions, our end goal is a clean cost-effective title opinion avoiding duplication and/or unnecessary delays. Our network of law firms will work hard to make sure that every process is done efficiently and completely. We strive to provide an informed but hands-off service so our clients can focus on more pressing in-house land issues that consume most of your time. 

Do you have your eye on a project? We provide expertise in:

  • Comprehensive drill title examination.
  • Ownership reports limited to specific estates including, but not limited to: oil, gas, coal, surface, leasehold, working interest, and royalty interest.
  • Title Curative (i.e. lease amendments, affidavits, ratifications, subordinations, corrective deeds, etc).

Do you want to make sure that your project is viable before committing resource? We paint a picture and target acquisitions before you invest the capital. Our network of land professionals will scale your projects ahead of your competition so you don’t lose out on the next big opportunity. 

We will guide you through each step of the process to ensure that nothing is missed and that your company comes out on top. We represent you to the interest owners with the respect and dignity you would like associated with your company’s name. We help with every aspect, including, but not limited to:

  • Lease acquisition, divestiture and trade.
  • Mineral acquisition & divestiture.
  • Right of way and easement acquisition.
  • Surface use agreements & surface damage negotiations.
  • Seismic agreements.
  • Document and/or exhibit preparation.
  • Tax sale representation and bidding.
  • Federal & state lease representation & bidding.
  • Landowner relations.

We provide a comprehensive approach regardless of the scale of your project. Acquiring an asset or individual leases in your area of interest is just the beginning. Making sure that your project continues to stay on course requires professionals who know what it means to keep everything running smoothly. Our professionals have expertise in:

  • Project viability analysis and consulting services.
  • Unitization and unit designations.
  • Mapping.
  • Document preparations.
  • Lease and and contract analysis.
  • Contract in-house land administration.
  • Contract in-house land or project management. 
  • Contract in-house land support for special projects.

We will make sure that all parties involved are receiving what they are entitled to. In our world, 1/1 is the only answer to ensure your wells are paid accurately to avoid disputes. Our work includes: 

  • Making sure that the DOI is prepared accurately & timely. 
  • NRI/WI analysis.
  • Interest verification and review. 
  • Title suspense analysis to release suspended royalties.
  • Owner relations.

Mail-out coordination.

Tracking down the direct heirs, descendants, successors, and assigns of any oil and gas can be difficult, but it is vital to keep your project and moving forward. We document succession through genealogy research, county records, and apply the appropriate laws of descent & distribution where applicable. We simplify the process by taking care of:

  • Genealogy & heirship research – identifying ownership succession through probate and/or the local laws of descent & distribution. 
  • Affidavits of heirship and corresponding title updates.
  • Coordinate ancillary probate proceedings in the county of interest.
  • Provide support for receivership, unknown or missing heirs actions, or other various civil action alternatives.

At Blue Duck Resources, we work with all kinds of energy sources, and we are pleased to represent renewable resources including:

  • Wind leasing.
  • Solar site acquisition & review.
  • Surface titles.
  • Easement & ROW acquisition.
  • Coordinating landowner relations.

We know acquisition cost and identifying potential defects is important to you, and it is important to us. Our team will take all the steps necessary to make sure that your acquisition is completed on time and accurately. We accomplish this by:

  • Seamless coordination between the buyer, seller, legal representatives, consultants, and all other parties involved.
  • Identifying and/or satisfying title and/or lease defects.
  • Data conversions & migrations.
  • Document or Exhibit preparation.
  • Scanning and data organization.
At Blue Duck Resources we know that technology changes quickly. We know that keeping up with the modern oil and gas industry means keeping up with the latest in artificial intelligence. We use the most up-to-date technology available to streamline your company, keeping more accurate records that result in fewer errors that cost time and money. We will build and design technology to meet your specific needs. We will help you transition your paper copies to online databases so that you can keep up with the growing demands of 21st century technology.

Move Forward in Confidence

Building your confidence that the foundation of your business is taken covered begins with a call to us. Allow Blue Duck Resources to do what we do best so you can do what you do best. We want to see your business taken to the next level. Contact us today and begin a partnership that is built for today’s industry.